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The Certified Hospital Emergency Coordinator (CHEC) course

Certified Hospital Emergency Coordinator (CHEC) Basic is a two-day classroom-based course. This course provides students with an introduction to emergency management principles, key components and regulations of emergency preparedness and response programs. Upon completion of the Certified Hospital Emergency Coordinator (CHEC) Basic course, the hospital emergency coordinator (HEC) will be able to demonstrate the ability to make critical decisions needed to reduce the potential threats to life and property using an “all hazards” approach to disaster management. This will be accomplished by making certain that the HEC: understands the components of the overall healthcare system, knows the threats to the hospital and the community, understand the emergency planning process, understands emergency management principles and can demonstrate effective leadership during an incident. The course focuses on tasks and skills that have been identified as essential to the role of the HEC.

The CHEC Certification Program is a tiered certification process incorporating advancing course work as pre-requisites to three levels of certification using the CHEC Basic and Advanced courses as the foundation. 

CHEC Basic: 2-day course; 13.5 CEU’s

  • CHEC courses are customarily offered over 3 consecutive days.
  • Single course enrollment is permitted.
  • CHEC Basic is a pre-requisite to CHEC Advanced.
  • CEUs are honored and accepted by The State Office of EMS and EMA to maintain certification.
  • Students receive a handbook and electronic resource materials.


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