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CHEC Advanced

Certified Hospital Emergency Coordinator (CHEC) Advanced is a one-day intensive course on plans and exercises. The course will provide hospital emergency coordinators with an in-depth guide detailing plan basics, plan development, annexes and appendices to plans, implementation of plans, evaluating plans for quality, and exercising a plan.The CHEC Certification Program is a tiered certification process incorporating advancing course work as pre-requisites to three levels of certification using the CHEC Basic and Advanced courses as the foundation.

  • CHEC courses are customarily offered over 3 consecutive days.
  • Single course enrollment is permitted.
  • CHEC Basic is a pre-requisite to CHEC Advanced.
  • CEUs are honored and accepted by The State Office of EMS and EMA to maintain certification.
  • Students receive a handbook and electronic resource materials.

This is a link for more information regarding Certified Hospital Emergency Coordinator (CHEC) Certification Process.

Augusta University, Medical College of Georgia, Emergency Medicine and Hospitalist, Center of Operational Medicine: http://www.augusta.edu/mcg/em/com/chec.php


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