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Certification in any of the NDLS family of courses is good for three years from the date of certification.  The current NDLS courses are at revision 3.x and are updated from time-to-time to reflect changes in disaster preparedness and response. The National Disaster Life Support Foundation is currently working on new policies and procedures related to the recertification of students in CDLS®, BDLS® and ADLSTM.  Recognizing that the development of policies and procedures for recertification can be a long process the Foundation's Board of Directors has adopted the following interim procedure for students wishing to recertify. 

Recertification in CDLS®, BDLS® and ADLSTM can be accomplished by completing the eCDLS course and the SALT Triage Course on-line.  These courses are located on the Foundation's learning management system at http://register.ndlsf.org.  The cost for eCDLS is $15.00 and the SALT Triage training located on the LMS is provided at no charge.  In order to receive full credit for recertification please using the PayPal link under RECERT Only (located near the bottom of the page) when registering for the course. Please be sure to print both the eCDLS and SALT Triage certificates after completing the requirements for these courses.  These certificates should be retained for your records. You will not be issued a new certificate for CDLS®, BDLS® and ADLSTM at this time. However, registering through the RECERT Only link will identify that you as have completed these recertification requirement. Access to eCDLS and SALT Triage on-line courses can be reached using the links below


SALT Triage 

We encourage all students who have taken older versions of our NDLS of courses to recertify by registering for a live training course at one of our approved training centers.  A complete listing of training centers and register courses can be located at http://register.ndlsf.org


 ** Disclaimer

This recertification procedure is not valid for those wishing to recertify as instructors.


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