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April 1, 2015

Recently the National Disaster Life Support Foundation conducted research into adding electronic textbooks as an option for students taking the CDLS, BDLS and the ADLS course. During our research we discovered the website http://sciencebookpdf.com advertising the 3.0 versions of each of the above textbooks as a free digital download or to read the textbook online through a browser. There was also a link to purchase the textbooks online from Amazon.com.

When trying to access the free versions of the textbooks you will be directed to one of many affiliated websites to create a free username and password. After completing the required information you are directed to another screen to enter your credit card information. The claims by the website(s) are that they need the information to prevent the textbooks from being sold to restricted countries. Many of the country names on their list are not restricted by the NDLSF. Most of the affiliated sites associated with the free downloads also provide online gaming, music streaming, image downloads, and other online services. There are also reports that some of these companies have implemented recurrent unauthorized charges to customers. Initial impressions are that all the websites associated with sciencebookpdf.com and the parent company Eimhir Limited may be phishing sites used to gather usernames, passwords, and credit card information. Also, the NDLSF cannot guarantee that downloaded digital material is free from viruses, Trojans or other malware and will not be responsible for any damages caused by such downloads. The National Disaster Life Support Foundation has not authorized and does not do business with sciencebookpdf.com, Eimhir Limited or any of their affiliates.   These companies are in violation of copyright laws and may be guilty of intellectual property theft. The Foundation is currently taking action to prevent further electronic distribution of our textbooks by these companies. Please share the following information with students and staff as needed.

  1. The NDLSF has not authorized any of the current NDLS textbooks to be converted to any digital format or distributed by any commercial entity.
  2. All students enrolled in any of the NDLS courses are required to purchase a current course textbook. These textbooks are currently at version 3.x.
  3. At this time, the NDLSF has not authorized any student to utilize digital textbooks as part of the individual course requirements.
  4. The NDLSF has not authorized the use of a textbook lending library to any training center as an alternative to a student purchasing a book.
  5. Students may purchase a book from the authorized NDLSF distributor, or the training center. Amazon is currently being phased out as an authorized distributor of the NDLS textbooks.
  6. The sharing of textbooks for any of the NDLS courses is not allowed. Students are encouraged to have received and pre-read their textbooks prior to the start of each NDLS course.

Any questions regarding this security notice and the clarification of current NDLSF policy should be directed to John Dorling at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling the NDLSF program office at 866-772-4911.



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